Phase I is now completed and is open for leasing of retail and professional space in Colville’s newest business location, Tiger@Creek.

About AT Creek

AT Creek is a planned development consisting of an organic set of buildings that will provide citizens of Colville a vibrant location to shop, work, and live.

Our vision is to nurture Colville’s vitality and to enhance the downtown district by providing commercial retail, professional offices and residential facilities with a personal touch that are affordable, convenient and flexible, and that will fill a need felt by segments of the residential and business community.

The immediate area will be enhanced by further development of AT Creek and integration of the two buildings; incorporating the beautiful wooden bridge which spans the AT creek. An overall design idea is to augment the entire block including the alleyway helping to build a strong community through neighborhood collaboration.  Overhead power lines have been either moved or buried and business owners on the West side of the alley have been improving their backyards too.  The City of Colville has contributed by asphalt paving the alleyway.

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